Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Seating In Carbon Brushes Day 10

35 mega revolutions at 242h


  1. I think, You might stop the procedure at this point except You have enough time and the real wish to bring it to 100% seating.

    The exciter-engine in our water-powered generator
    needed new brushes only every few years although it ran
    all the time. (meanwhile , there is a brushless generator)

    1. You are right Franz. I do it for the science, not knowing if I will finish it....
      But I keep it running for today, perhaps tomorrow, the day after...we will see.
      The problem is when you start the seating, thinking in days. You have to think in weeks and mega revolutions. Than it's ok.)
      Today I will not have a look at the brushes.

  2. The good thing is that there is only a little bit of
    that awful dust if there is only this little bit of
    abrasion. The brushes of my "Still 11" Motor are
    also like new and it seems as if they are the first set
    and were there all the lifetime of that forklift....
    There was a lot of grease and dirt, and the ball-bearing (there is only one, the other was on the axle)
    was rusty, but collector and brushes are in an
    excellent condition (the motor did cost 250€ including
    delivery, that was more than cheap ;-) )