Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

The Citroën 2CV becomes an electric car.

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  1. I tested one of my new "Franzbox" boards
    today, it works fine!
    I might send You one if You want to test it.
    (not before the end of next week, there are a few minor things to be changed in the program,
    such as showing the reason for the last reset
    and easier adjusting the tachometer for the
    displayed amperes)
    Dont expect tooo much from it, but Amperes
    displayed on the tachometer works very good,
    and the display of SOC on the fuel-gauge
    works good too. The resolution of metering the amperes is 3A thats good for measuring
    discharge and SOC, but it is not suitable
    for measuring 15A of charging.
    Dont forget, it is a +- 800A instrument,
    even good analog instruments cant measure
    10A in a 1600A range..... for the future
    i'm planning a different measuring path
    for charging and some BMS-functions,
    but i am not sure if it is really necessary
    to reinvent the wheel, as meanwhile some really good systems are on the market or will come soon.
    maybe, mainly because of not having enough time,
    i will release the "Franzbox" as open source...
    This little universal-board with an Atmega
    can do such a lot of things, it is too good
    to disappear in some drawer....we will see...