Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Changing to another vehicle frame

I was working on a second vehicle frame to mount the WarP9 with the GSA gearbox. Now I had to do all this rusty dusty work...


  1. Somehow I do not understand the third picture....
    this is a completely different custom built
    frame where a "normal" 2CV gearbox will fit,
    but also with a long wheel-base.....
    is this some remain of an earlier version of Your 3-axle-2cv before it got a 4-cyl-engine? or is this Your "Project nr.4"?????
    By the way, that's my very personal opinion:
    I think, a "normal" 2CV is no ideal base for any
    EV-conversion, as it cant carry the weight
    of enough batteries, also the gear-ratio does not fit for series wound motors.
    This would be much better in combination with
    a fast running AC-engine.(you need 6000revs
    for 110km/h.....) so, the warp9 needs the
    GSA-gearbox which is still rather "short".
    At least your 4-cyl-frame can carry the weight.


  2. Yes Franz you are right. I have one normal 2CV with the extended frame and one older single frame, with a not very nice running GSA motor. Also the mounting was not done very nice.
    Perhaps this is really becoming project 4, because it is a kind of driving test bench to me.
    I had it for a view seconds on 192 Volts and 500 A with my foot on the breaks. This setup is really a beast.)
    I will find out much more while I am driving...))
    I see at 5000revs something like a 140Km/h. So a 120 to 130 is fine for me.