Montag, 10. September 2012

Bad Boy Charger

I am thinking about a fast charger...
Last night I have been reading a bit into the topic.
We have 230V singel phase and 380-400V three phase 16/32/63A 50Hz here in Germany. As I unterstand it, a 3 phase Rectifier will give me 1,414(TRMS) times the voltage in DC. That will give me 540-565VDC. To smooth out the DC current I need an inductor and a capacitor.
I need 246VDC max.54A to charge my 70 SE 180 AHA CALB's. I don't know if I can do this by an three phase AC transformer or with an IGBT on the DC side? It should be simple and low-priced.
If I have to spend money, then better in a few more cells.) But not another 84 cells.
Also I think about an inrush current limiting not always to blow the house fuse....


  1. Have a look into my blog......
    I'm just experimenting around with this theme,
    and my IGBT-Controller works already fine!
    If You rectify only the half wave towards
    ground, You will get about 320V.
    This works on a three-phase System too.
    I already tested my IGBT-Controller on 350V,
    but only on a ajustable transformator, and
    not direct powered from 380V 3-Phase.
    But this schould work too of course.
    I intend to program some soft start and
    current limiting functions into my driver
    to be able to use the controller as charger too
    with the field winding of my motor as coil.
    ....why not? in the laboratory it worked fine!
    current from battery to motor = controller
    current from plug via rectifier to battery
    = charger !! my IGBT does 500A at 1200V
    and my capacitors are rated 450V thats enough.

    stay tuned.......

  2. ....By the way....You should read this
    (if You havent yet)

    Lots of info there!