Freitag, 20. April 2012

EVDrive 13/2012 Elektra on the Autobahn


  1. That sounds very good!
    ...and it means, You can easily drive 150Km
    Thats a dream! and the acceleration
    seems to be much more than good!!!!!

  2. depends on the desired further
    use of this car.... but maybe it would be possible
    to reduce the battery-pack for even more
    performance without loosing a lot of range
    because the weight would be reduced too this way.
    I dont know the weight of your car, but the frame
    seems to be rather heavy.... 800kg + batteries??
    I think, if You take these cells for the Landcruiser
    and change to a smaller pack (130Ah?? or 180Ah@144V) in the 2cv it would run even better and there will still be a range of about 130km.....
    If it is not too much effort,
    remove 1/4 of the batteries an test it again.