Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

EVDrive 12/2012 "Elektra" is driving.


  1. 80 km/h and drawing only 80 Amps? How do you do that? What voltage did you have at that time? Very nice conversion by the way - is the double rear axle to carry the extra weight?

  2. Thanks quinten.
    This is a cameracar with a platform for a small crew to shoot joggers or bicyclists. That's why I have a second air suspension rear axle.
    I have a big batterie pack. 70 CALB 180AH but I run the motor at max. 192 volts and 500 amps. The shunt measures at the Batterie side of the Soliton1. I will come up with more test drives and all datas...

    1. The battery pack has 235 volts, dropping at full throttle down to about 210 volts.