Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Freezing For Science

With an outside temperature of 2-3°C(about 36°F), I repeated my test drive of 202km and WestWind.
I have not expected to freeze in the car like that....but everything was going good (aside from my legs. It took two hours to thaw them again.)
 First I was driving 100Km (62miles) mostly freeway at 100Km/h (62miles/h).
I used 1,03 Ah/Km from my 70 Calb 180Ah pack. Thats in increase at about 30% because of the low temperature.
On the second part of the test drive I was driving 90Km (56miles) country road. I decrease the max. speed at 80 Km/h (50miles/h). A lot of 70 Km/h (44miles/h). So I came back to my energy consumption and the range I was used to.
This was only for test reasons. An electric car should drive at normal speed at any weather.
It would be nice to test a heated and isolated pack in winter.
Then we could see the power consumption of the battery pack heating against the performance increase of the battery pack.

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