Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013


I was visiting REBBL in the Netherlands today.
They convert young and oldtimer to electric and are the European dealers for Evnetics selling the Soliton controler with EMC.
Nice people with good experience.

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  1. Meanwhile, the combination Soliton (both?)
    and Warp11 is officially EMC/EMI compatible,
    thats good! Soliton Junior/Warp9 too???
    I think yes, but dont know.
    At least, things go in the right direction.
    And since Bernd has done the "EMV-Test" with a
    combination WarP-Drive 160V/1000A and Warp9
    successfully there is another approved
    possibility....and there are several AC-Motors
    on the german market for example the motors from Schwarz which are used in several ones of
    Heiko Fleck's conversions.....
    with ZAPI controllers!
    .....and the BMS from EMUS (for those who are
    balancing at the top) is rumored to be delivered with the necessary papers too....
    That makes things easier!