Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

WarP 9 ™ Motor In Stock

Just arrived in Hamburg, Germany
As an authorized international Netgain dealer this WarP 9 is for sale.
Inquiries at:


  1. What do You want to do with it???
    in my opinion it is
    too small for the Landcruiser,
    but too big for the Grizzly,
    and Electra runs good!
    Just for having one in stock?
    I'm curious about the things that will happen!

  2. Let's call it a misunderstanding...
    A german student in Finland ordered it but then the group decided to something else. But it's not to bad to have one in stock. I will order a WarP 11 in december when they are available again (or two). Something new is also coming up from Netgain....

  3. ....especilally their controllers are very
    interesting....and since Bernd passed the
    german EMV-Test without problems with one of them
    things begin to change.
    Another very interesting thing i saw at ECARTEC
    in Munich last week are the wonderful AC-Motors from Schwarz. They even deliver them with almost perfect
    adapters for the most common vehicles or can help
    designing adapters for their motors.
    And the prices are in a wonderful region too!
    By the way, they use ZAPI Controllers
    There were also some wonderful new things from
    other companies, but mostly much too expensive
    for "normal" people. Main Item this year was
    "high current charging". I will have to do some
    tests in this direction the next few weeks.

  4. I would like to know more about it.) I didn't make it to the eCarTec. Also was my experience from the last hannover Messe a bit low__