Montag, 7. Mai 2012

Top speed

The top speed is at 145 km/h (90 mph). Only limited by the rpm at about 5400. With a longer gearbox it would go much faster, but it's fine for me..)


  1. You will need a four-speed-gearbox from a
    romanian Oltcit 12TRS (????)
    there exists one with
    a very special differential ratio.
    there exists a 9:34 (3,77)diff
    thats very rare,but it exists....
    normally it is 9:35 in the Oltcit
    You might have 8 : 33 or even 8 : 35!

    the 5-speed-box will not really fit,
    it is too long in the rear, but nevertheless
    some people did put it into a 2CV.

    The oltcit-box is almost the same as in the
    gs/gsa but it is 5 cm shorter in its dimension,
    as there is mounted the short clutch-casing
    from the AMI-Super, but 1 cm longer for the
    thicker flywheel of the GS/GSA.......
    something very special.....exactly the part
    You need....!!!!!You will only have to change
    the rear cover. As a special feature,
    the Oltcit/AXEL has ventilated disc brakes!!
    The oltcit / AXEL was not sold in Germany
    There is a little chance to get these parts
    in the Netherlands! A few of these cars had been sold there!Also in the Czech republic
    and in Greece,but most of them stayed in Romania. An awful car with a very special gearbox... ;-)
    My 2CV-Roadster-Pick-Up with AMI-Super chassis
    and GSA-engine runs 170Km/h!!! if necessary,
    with this gearbox (this feels like mach2 !!)

    1. Nice, Franz.
      I am looking also here and here for a nice next step. We will see..)