Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Digital Voltmeter JLD5740

The digital voltmeters JLD5740 from have arrived.
Now I have to find out where to attach the wires and how to set it up..?

Again there is no documentation or manuel in the pack.

My hope is on Jack..!!


  1. I also dont know, but i think,
    J1 and J2 determine the position of the
    decimal point. Test it by connecting
    11-12 ; 12-13 ; 14-15 ; 15-16
    either every point has its own pin
    or they are binary coded.......

    I dont think, that this display has a
    floating decimal point

    The voltage input connectors seem
    clear, minus or gnd to COM,
    Your voltage is over 100V so
    connect it to terminal 4.

    Power 9-30V at 1 and 2 is clear.

    9 and 10 are obviously for current
    transmitters, this is only needed
    when measuring current. This is normally
    a low impedance input with current
    sensitivity, maybe 0-100mA ????
    Be careful with this input!!!!
    Dont apply a direct voltage!!!!!!
    use a resistor and put in a few mA......

  2. oh.......
    forget almost everything i told before.......
    especially about pins 11 - 16 and 9-10!!!!!

    go to the forum or use this link

    and download the manual.

    everything is explained there!
    The input is clear

    The pins 11 to 16 are relay outputs for
    configurable alerts.
    That's good!

    Pin 9 an 10 is a current output 0 - 20 mA
    or 4-20mA!!!!
    You can use this to transmit data to other


  3. Yes Franz, this is the way to solve this little mystery.
    Last night I also found the download and was working on it. I made a little video today, while I was testing.
    Thanks for working with me (us)..)
    But not every question is already answered..